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Three Successful Acquisitions in New Zealand

Austino Property Group continues to build strength and capability through the acquisition of a residential apartment development site and two greenfield land parcels in Auckland.

Austino Property Group is excited to announce the addition of Light Industrial zoned land at Hobsonville to its development portfolio after a successful landing in New Zealand. The company has also secured two greenfield sites in the West of Auckland, totaling 11 hectares. These strategic acquisitions not only enhance Austino's current product offerings but also underscore the company's adeptness at seizing market opportunities in both Australia and New Zealand.

The recent expansion into Hobsonville signifies Austino Property Group's commitment to diversifying its portfolio, with a particular focus on Light Industrial development. Alongside the reserved greenfield sites in the West of Auckland, these moves position the company strongly in the market, reflecting its ability to adapt and capitalize on evolving trends in the real estate sector across both countries.


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