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Austino Property Group has been bringing world class residential and mixed-use developments to Australia since 2007, and we expanded our business to New Zealand in 2016. Founder and Managing Director Victor is passionately involved in the land acquisition, design and construction of all Austino projects and is consistently seeking to build up our stock pipeline to target the housing needs of Australia and New Zealand.

Our expertise in project development has been recognised nationally and internationally for its quality, effectiveness and environmental design principles, while our project management and asset management services are highly effective for our investors and business partners. We also offer premium sales, leasing, and property management services to our clients.

Austino has focused on development opportunities in Sydney and Auckland and has nurtured strong relationships with local councils, planners, architects and builders throughout our areas of operation. Our team conducts comprehensive market research to ensure each project appeals to clients and is complementary to the streetscape, community and, importantly, to future development.

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To get the best result for our client, we need to get the best out of our team – and this starts with assembling the most accomplished professionals in the field.

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