Epping, NSW


Address 2-16 Epping Road, 2-4 Forest Grove and 725 Blaxland Road , Epping, NSW Size Approx. 20,000 m2 of land area Planner JBA Urban Planning Consultants Pty Ltd Architect PTW Architects Builder TBA

Proximity Adjacent Forest Park 200m to Epping Station 450m to Supermarket 2.8km to Macquarie University 19km to Sydney CBD


Austino is currently planning an extensive residential development on a 2 hectare site bounded by Blaxland Road, Epping Road, Forest Grove and Forest Park. The site includes the former Epping Bowling Club. This is a unique opportunity to redevelop a large site within 200 metres of Epping Station and one which Austino has exciting plans for. Given the site’s location immediately adjacent to the Epping Urban Activation Precinct, the future built form will be integrated with the urban design framework already established to the north.

The opportunity to develop this site will not only enhance liveability, the economy and environment but it would not be in the interest of the community:

  • There would be no opportunity to expand Forest Park and enhancement would be limited

  • The chance of widening Epping Road would be limited without compulsory acquisition

  • There would be no guarantee of removing the need for vehicular access off Epping Road or of a pedestrian through site link from Epping Road to Forest Park

  • Connectivity paths between local roads and parks would not be a priority